TSQL Plugin provides unprecedented means of analyzing your Microsoft SQL Server Script files through SonarQube and measuring your SQL Code Quality using SQL Code Guard. It enforces your pre-defined SQL coding standards and reports them in various metrics thereby minimizing or completely eliminating the need of manual review through SQL Coding Standards Document.

Latest Update

  • TSQL plugin is now compatible with SonarQube 6.7, 7.0 and 7.1 version and SQLCodeGuard 2.9. Kindly check the compatibility matrix below for more details.
  • Bug fixes/Enhancements: TSQL Plugin now supports file paths with spaces
Plugins Features
  • Technical Debt model for SQL Violations raised by SQL Code Guard tool.
  • Extend your SonarQubes ability to recognize a new language "TSQL"
  • Automate the enforcement of SQL Coding Standards.
  • Implement Quality Gates using this plugin

  • Shows the Complexity and Lines of code for each script file
  • Measure your products TSql Code Quality through this plugin.
  • Track your teams adherence to your pre-defined MSSQL best practices.
  • Flexibility to activate/deactivate any of your pre-defined rules.

Code Quality

Know your SQL Debt and take informed decisions to improve your products code quality. Plugin detects and reports design/performance/style/maintenance issues in each of the T-SQL File.

SQL Debt

Organizations of all sizes are using Microsoft platforms/Technology/DBMS for their application development and are wanting to have tools that can enable them to view Sql code Quality metrics (SQLDebt).


SonarQube extends its Language recognition set to "T-SQL" (Microsoft SQL Server). Management/Leads can view the Hotpots/Most Violates Resources/Top Issues quickly and create an item in their backlogs for improvements.

  • Ensure you have installed and configured SonarQube platform as per the installation guide.
  • TechCognia's TSQL plugin installation documentation is now migrated to our Wiki's you can access the same at the below mentioned location TechCognia's TSQL Wiki Documentation
  • For detailed information on the system requirements and components compatibility matrix, kindly click here
Buy for USD 699/Year Per SonarQube Server Instance, click here to contact our sales team (techcognia@gmail.com) Trial Download Send an email & download the product we will send you a license key valid for 14 days

  • For TSQL plugin license information, please click here for the details information.
  • For SQL Code Guard license information, please click here for the details information.

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