Founded in 2010, TechCognia is technology team which is dedicated to creating quality products which will assist developers in building applications at rapid speed. TechCognia recognizes that developers are not just at the forefront of delivering great value for their customers, but are a critical element of the engine that drives the world forward. Developers are at the heart of the application and UI experiences that give businesses, governments, educational institutions and non-profits the edge they need to be successful.

From planning to building, testing to delivery, TechCognia is about developing experiences that change the world for the better. Research and Development team contains highly skilled developers, business analyst to ensure that the quality of the product is of superior nature. Geographically, TechCognia team is located at Maharashtra, India which serves as a headquaters to its RAD tools business development.

About TechCognia

TechCognia provides developers to create compelling experiences across web, mobile and desktop applications. Our end-to-end, adaptive platform uniquely combines industry-leading UI tools with cloud services to simplify the entire software development lifecycle. TechCognia platform-based and standalone product modules seamlessly integrate together, and with other popular developer solutions.

Our Mission

It's our mission to help our customers realize their full potential. We constantly update and improve our products, and continually mature our company to be in the best position to deliver innovative products as new technologies emerge. We aim to provide:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio developers, designers, and architects with a premier studio of components, controls, tools, and solutions that enables them to efficiently build applications and projects for Windows, Web, or Mobile.
  2. Microsoft SharePoint End Users with sofisticated features and solutions, the components also provides important administrative capabilities in the hand of the end users.
  3. World-leading service and support through our globally based facilities, and through our award winning Platinum subscription services, all providing added value and benefits to TechCognia customers.
Contact Sales Office Hours: 4:00 PM - 1:00 AM IST, Monday - Friday

Contact Us

TechCognia (OPC) Private Limited
Plot No 32, Surabhi,
Tembhi Vasaht, Shiloshi Road,
Pali, Sudhagad
Maharashtra - 400 053
Tel: +91 887-994-1318
Email: sales@techcognia.com or support@techcognia.com

About Us

TechCognia is primarily a product development firm, the teams core responsibility is not only to improve the developers and end users experience. With the founders of TechCognia have a collective experience of 20 year(s) in delivering quality products in Microsoft Technology.

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